Series 5

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Not long after the last series did Sunset kick off a new period. No longer confined to flat backgrounds and diagonal shadows did a new world of possibilities open. The ship is the perfect way to visualize this new adventure to a different style and approach.


The first challenge? A tree. And something with an Asian aesthetic. The result of a long and tough process is Blossom. It hints at a bit of melancholy that would take control in a few weeks.


Though not made directly after Blossom it does fit best as a successor. The original idea of the lighthouse cigar was twisted and changed to completely blend with my mind at that time. It was a great outlet and the result is one of my favorite pieces from this series.

Pool Table

Pool Table is perhaps my number 1 favorite piece. It's a perfect blend of three different ideas that are all executed just right. It was a blast to make and is full of little hints and easter eggs, all without damaging the final result.


Snailtrail was a succesful experiment with textures that would be the staple for later series. The textures gave Snailtrail a fairy-tale like look.


The African island has always been one of my childhood fascinations. As I was in the flow of creating my favorite animals it felt like the perfect moment to give Madagascar some love.

The Quest for Bread

In my hometown there were always two ducks that were walking away from the pond and into the streets. Both admiring their courage and hating their constant distraction as I was helping them back I felt like the daring duo deserved to be immortalized.

Self Portrait

My favorite way of seeing my own growth is making a self portrait. This third and final portrait was the perfect finale to this amazing fifth series. Click to toggle the portraits!

If you're interested in giant sloths, Spanish puns or a coat of arms I'd recommend to check my Instagram!

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