Series 6

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Dirty Bomb Reimagined

When looking back on my older work there was always one flat art that I felt could be done better: Dirty Bomb. I went with a space-like and empty landscape to contrast the dirty bomb itself: what will happen when all the petals have fallen and the bomb explodes?

Jolly & Serene

It was important to me to be self-aware about what I make and why. In this piece I wanted to challenge my own preconceived notions of what I can make. So I went with the color I was least likely to choose and let myself loose with everything else.

Bamboo Magic

Bamboo Magic came as a surprise while I was thinking of a new idea. I wanted to do something with witches and an animal when the panda and its bamboo just clicked. This piece is one of my personal favorites because I love the color scheme and composition.


The creation of Showtime! was a real journey. I wanted to make a link with themes and styles that I was unfamiliar with, in this case steampunk. The robot's looks were not planned and came as I was building it. This is also one of my personal favorites because it is so different from what I used to make.

The Puppeteer

I always have at least one piece per series to express something that has been really bothering me. In the case of The Puppeteer it is overthinking. Because of this habit I was constantly stuck doing things that I already knew. No risks, no experiments. The Puppeteer is my answer to this trap.


Similarly to Showtime! I wanted to try a new style and theme in Chrome. Specifically, futuristic. Of this series Chrome took the longest to create because it takes a lot of time to make human bodies and backgrounds right.


This piece is partnered up with Chrome to create more links between the separate pieces. Switcheroo was actually created a few weeks after Chrome, so to have a callback/mystery to it is a fun way to find common ground between vastly different worlds.

Atahualpa Reimagined

To end this series I wanted to give an older piece a fresh new look. I chose one of my favorites, Atahualpa. With more details and a touch of fantasy it was a nice way to celebrate my personal growth.

If you're interested in cocky roosters, hungry werewolves or inanimate objects in love I'd recommend to check my Instagram!

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