About the project

“World of Illustrations” is my biggest and proudest project. It is a series of 160 illustrations created over the course of 2.5 years. It started as a flat art experiment to practice Illustrator, but it soon developed into my main creative expression outside classes. These illustrations are also the main attraction on my Instagram.

My illustrated portfolio

I actually have a second portfolio called “World of Illustrations”. In this portfolio you will find nearly every individual illustration with their backstory.  This portfolio was created during my internship at Awwwards as my main assignment. More about this project can be read under “Awwwards Internship Portfolio”.

A visual library

My main focus was to make every single illustration unique. Therefore each illustration features an original character and underlying concept, meaning or emotion. Furthermore my efforts were divided into series of 9 to 16 illustrations with a global theme. For example, series 8 was called “Acceptance”. Of the 10 illustrations, 5 represented the stages of grief, while two more tied them all together. You can view a selection of my illustrations in the gallery below!

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