About the project

One self-assigned challenge for my internship period with Awwwards was to animate one of my illustrations (the quetzal bird).  I chose this challenge because I wanted to learn animation with After Effects. After successfully finishing this animation I expanded upon my collection with two new additions. The fourth animation was made for the holiday season of 2019.

Bringing my characters to life

I chose these characters specifically because they had the most potential to be animated. In order to start animating I revived the old files and turned all the separate body parts into layers to animate.

At first I made mostly basic movements, but once I got the hang of it I started experimenting with movement and more “cartoony” aspects such as the parachute crab in the third animation.

After a long break with animations I decided to animate one of my favorite but more advanced characters, the robot in the fourth animation. I made this animation longer and added a little announcement at the end for the holidays.

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