Who am I?

My story

I was born in The Netherlands in 1998. During my childhood I loved creating anything that people could enjoy, that they could learn from. My dream was to be able to create any cool idea that I could come up with. To achieve this dream I started to experiment with various media. This led to me making various (video)games, think pieces, quizzes, designs and illustrations. This experimentation led to my collection of over 130 illustrations, which is still growing to this day. These illustrations have been an intrinsic part of my adolescence, and together they form a clear picture of my (creative) development.

Besides my creative endeavors I also love challenging myself. One of my best experiences was to learn a new language: Spanish. As a result of learning Spanish every day for three years I was able to take the opportunities to work at Awwwards Online SL in Valencia, Spain, and to study at Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile.

My style

I find it hard to pin down my style as I value experimenting with it. However, my style can nevertheless be distinguished by deeper underlying concepts, colorful imagery, cartoony looks and highly original characters.

Why work together?

I love creativity and being creative, and I love to share it. Are you interested in getting your very own illustrated portrait? Great, I love making them! Do you want an illustrated visual to represent your company's values? Amazing, I would love to learn more! Are you also someone that thinks too much and would love to exchange ideas? I can't wait to hear your perspective! I invite you to send me an e-mail through my contact page. Perhaps we will work together soon?

About Mathijs Peerlings