About the report

This report is the accumulation of my internship project at Awwwards during my internship semester in Spain.

About the project

The goal of this project was to create a brand new professional portfolio under the wings of the media juggernaut Awwwards.

The whole project started from zero. With a planning in the project document and constant progress management the project stayed on track. The process was split into five phases, the first one being research. This extensive research resulted in a list of design and development trends for the year 2018. These results helped with the direction of the following phases.

After the research the creative process started with concepting. Four initial concepts were created. These were later brought down to one definitive concept that merged the best of two original concepts. Based on this concept ideas were written down to decide how to execute the concept.

Based on the concept and ideas some design prototypes for the portfolio were made. Based on feedback and experimentation the best design was chosen and tested with users. Their feedback was then used to improve the prototype. Besides the design of the portfolio a logo and an animation were designed. The logo was to be used on the portfolio while the animation was a side project to grow in new skills.

After finishing the portfolio design the final product was made in code. The concept consisted of two unique parts: a timeline and a quetzal bird. The timeline was made fully functional in the final product while the quetzal bird was animated in the side project.

A year later I rebuilt the portfolio (the design and content intact) with bootstrap because the old framework was too unstable to add new functionalities. With this reinvention I dropped the timeline as its addition took too much effort relative to the payoff.

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