About the project

RoadGuard was the main project during my fourth semester at Fontys. The prompt was “Create a human-driven solution for the start-up RoadGuard”. Our choice for this project was to create an awareness campaign called “Pitstop”.

The problem

The problem for RoadGuard was a lack of awareness about the service.

The product “Pitstop”

The final product for this project was “Pitstop”. This consisted of two parts. The first part was a guerrilla campaign where random pitstops would emerge in specific cities. People could enter these pitstops for a quick check-up of their car, and afterwards they would receive a report created by the mechanic via a special app, which was the second part. The video on this page is a visual representation of the pitstop campaign. On the right you can see screenshots of a functional login screen that I created for the app.

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