About the project

Viiva Juntos (Liive together in Spanish) is a university project for Digital Marketing during my semester in Santiago de Chile. The goal of this project was to form groups and create a fictional startup. My group consisted of six international students, with a majority of students in international business. Because of this I was responsible for the visual branding and the design of the application.

What is “Viiva Juntos”?

Viiva Juntos is a platform that helps young adults to find the perfect roommate(s) and share an accommodation by using the matching principle. It allows young adults to share high market prices and not just find a roommate , but also a friend.

The company is based on three separate problems/opportunities:

  1. Problems finding a shared accommodation with others of the same interests.
  2. Increasing housing prices.
  3. No real market yet for young adults too old for the student house life, but too young for the family life.

Revenue comes from a small rent fee, data monetization and finally advertisements.

The design process

We were quickly convinced by the use of the color orange for the branding, as this color of warmth, enthusiasm and happiness perfectly represented how we saw the platform.

The logo itself is not that exciting, but there was the conscious creative decision to use two i’s in the logo, as it is a platform for living and working together, not alone.

The app had to reflect that Viiva Juntos puts finding the people before finding the room. Users can explore, match and chat with possible roommates. Once roommates found each other they can look for the perfect accommodation together. People can find each other based on tags, from interests like specific tv series to preferences like no dogs allowed or no smoking.

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