Series 10: Mementos

Illustration Teen Toxins

1. Teen Toxins (Sadness)

This illustration is an ode to the negative thoughts that linger from my teenage years. Is it necessary to get trapped in sadness by outdated thoughts, from a time where nobody knew what they were doing?

Illustration Lautaro

2. Lautaro (Honor)

During my time in South America I want to honor the people behind the continent's rich history. First up: Lautaro of the Mapuche.

The Mapuche live in the south of Chile, and have been the only indigenous peoples to fight off both the Incas and the Spanish. Lautaro is perhaps the most famous Mapuche military chief.

Illustration Sugar

3. Sugar (Disgust)

This illustration was made to help kick the sugar habit, my favorite vice. Do we really need to subject ourselves to the highs and lows that sugar give us? You want to eat/drink more, get a crazy sugar high, and eventually come crashing down. And the next time you do it again.

Illustration Phoenix

4. Phoenix (Courage)

In this raw illustration I aim to visualize overcoming ego, perfection and pride. Leave your ego at the door, and ignite your inner fire. Only by constantly challenging yourself can you become the best version of you. And yes, sometimes that means doing what scares you most.

Illustration Pedro's Adventure in Atacama

5. Pedro's Big Adventure (Loyalty)

Whilst in Atacama two friendly dogs bravely followed us throughout the vast desert. Up a fortress, up the dunes, and even up a mountain. That's why I decided for this illustration as a memory of their selfless loyalty. Take care, canine friends.

Illustration Fever Dream

6. Fever Dream (Fear)

Fever Dream is a a visualization of the primal things that scare me.

What demons come out to play when you are feeling terrible? What nightmares, what hallucinations and what sensations fill you with pure terror?

Illustration When You Realize

7. When You Realize (Joy)

This illustration is based on a stupid but personally valuable poem I wrote.

Not eternal, it's all in your head.
When you realize, it ain't all that bad.
To really feel alive, just take that dive.
No but's but this one, and the one you jump with!

It's also part of a bigger whole, together with the next two illustrations. More on that later.

Illustration All Eyes

8. All Eyes (Stress)

Ready or not, welcome to the spotlights. People are waiting for you! Whenever I am nervous about giving a presentation, I think of All Eyes.

Illustration DGAF Catharsis

9. DGAF / Catharsis (Change)

"Whack-a-mole with your old beliefs".

This illustration is a turning point: it's time to focus on what I want to be instead of what I want to change in myself.

This illustration and the two before it form a bigger whole: "When You Realize All Eyes Don't Give A Fuck". This is a liberating thought to overthinkers like me: stop caring so much about what others think.

Illustration Miss Match

10. Miss Match

For once I'm not going to put in my motive behind the illustration: there's honestly too many ways to interpret it. What do you think of when you see this match?

Illustration Devious

11. Devious (Anger)

Just open the news, and you will be bombarded by bad news from all over the world. And honestly, it's frustrating. We are destroying people, communities and the planet. What is behind all this needless suffering?

Illustration Just Love

12. Just Love (Love)

This is not a glitch on the website: it's just a heart on a white background. After so many cliche attempts at visualizing love, I realized: why do we need so much to show love? Why not just love for the sake of loving?

Illustration Green Jello Apocalypse Cauldron

13. Green Jello & The Cauldron of The Apocalypse (Bitterness)

While Devious was external anger, this crazy illustration is about the bitterness inside of us, the voice in our head that is unnecessarily destructive.

Whenever you think some things you would never say out loud, remember to think of the Rabbit & The Green Jello.

Illustration Latin Boy Portrait

14. Latin Boy (Pride & Gratitude)

"Your haircut is done, you look like a Latin Boy now!"

These very letters are typed in Chile, South America. I have had the chance to study on the other side of the world. With this, I have learned so much about myself and people from all over the world. This portrait is closing the series as a big thank you to the opportunities that were offered to me.