Series 11: Chile 21

Illustration Square Eyes

1. Square Eyes

Where does your mind live? This illustration is about technology & internet addiction. The colors are based on CMYK and the entire illustration is made out of square objects. I decided to open with this illustration because, at least for me, the internet is a huge part of my life. But this also means I have to stay aware of how it effects my health (especially my eyes & mind).

Illustration Hate Machine

2. The Hate Machine

Welcome to the (dis)information era. This illustration is about the internet & and the spreading of hate & other negative emotions. As much of a miracle as it is, the internet is also a gateway for people with ill-intentions to destroy the minds of others without much risk of repercussion.

Illustration Swan Perfectly Imperfect

3. Perfectly Imperfect

Let's celebrate our quirks instead. This illustration is about how much we judge ourselves for our quirks. We don't have to be a flawless white swan in the pond: even with some plants blocking the view or a dark spot on our feathers we are still beautiful. Learn to appreciate and enjoy what makes you unique instead of punishing yourself for it.

Illustration Ode Silent Eggs Boiling Point

4. Ode to the Silent (Boiling Point)

Don't suffer in silence / We are all wearing masks. This illustration is about suffering, and feeling like you are the only one that truly understands it. It may seem like nobody is willing to listen to your struggle, but that is not true. It is very difficult, but take the risk to open up and share what you are going through with compassionate people.

Illustration Chilenidad Empanada Avocado

5. La Chilenidad

The only constant in life is change. This illustration is about the protests in Chile, and how this event has changed the national identity of this beautiful country. Chile is an enormously diverse country that simply can't be represented by just two foods. What is the real Chilean identity to me? One of overcoming great strife, one of anger, but also one of kindness and harmony with nature.

Illustration Lonely Summit

6. Lonely Summit

It's lonely at the top. This illustration is about one of my biggest realizations during my exchange: it is not about being the best, as you never really are. People from all positions keep wondering to themselves what the goal of life is, and a tunnel vision is just a temporary fix. The real miracle is in connecting with the other lonely mountains. Stop watching (your own) inflated shadows and start looking at the real people.

Illustration Zodiac

7. Zodiac

Real growth hides in the unexpected & the difficult. This illustration is about love and ecstasy. You can't sit around and wait for the most amazing things in life to come your way. All it takes is one small action to change your life forever. What are you waiting for?

Illustration AINAD Autism

8. A.I.N.A.D.

Autism Is Not A Disease. This illustration is about accepting that a different brain is not a bad one. People with autism still feel deeply and just want to be understood. Not a single autistic person is the same, yet they have goals and aspirations just like anybody else. In fact, they are some of the most driven people I have ever met. And honestly I am sick of people brushing them off for not being "the standard".

Illustration DGAF Catharsis

9. Chile

This last illustration of the year is a thank-you gift to the country that has taught me so much & the amazing people that I have met in it. Chile is honestly a dream country with its magical diversity of nature, amazing wildlife, rich culture and history, and finally it's flaming passion to make positive changes. My exchange had its ups and downs, but one thing I can say for sure: Chile gets my absolute and utter respect and admiration.