Series 1, 2 and 3: Humble Beginnings (Selection)

Below is a small selection of the 44 pieces of amateur flat art I made. I still show these because my portfolio is built as a timeline: it is impossible to appreciate the new without respecting the old.

How did I start? I was curious if I could make my own flat art. So I made a frog, a penguin, a man and a quetzal. After some positive encouragement from my surroundings I made one more. And then one more. And this kept going until I got to Series 4 after just 2 months. In hindsight these flat art pieces are a nice look into my teenager mind: the ideas are there, but it was not possible yet to express them in the optimal way. You will notice that some of the flat art below got reimagined later on.

Illustration Arcade
Illustration Funk
Illustration Dirty Bomb
Illustration Citrus
Illustration Planet Cow
Illustration Mask
First Ever Illustration
Illustration Face
Illustration Connection
Illustration Atahualpa
Illustration Raddish
Illustration Pato Huevo