Series 7: The Quest for Happiness

Illustration Carrot

1. The Best Carrot

To kick off the seventh series we have The Best Carrot. We all strive to obtain happiness, and we are willing to work really hard to get it. As hard as we may work, it never seems to be enough. There's always a new challenge, something shinier. The question is, is happiness really in being and having the best?

Illustration Valencia

2. Valencia

This piece is a thank-you gift to all the amazing friends I made during my internship in the beautiful city of Valencia. Even though we have to go back home, I will cherish the awesome memories we made together.

Illustration Pandemonium

3. Pandemonium

Now it's time to enter Pandemonium. How do you visualize chaos? This piece is focused on doing instead of thinking. Things were made as they came up and only after the canvas was saturated did the finishing touches come in. The message? Whatever you want to make of it.

Illustration Koorungan

4. Koorungan

Trying a new style doesn't always have to be in the workflow. What if the colors were completely different? Can orange, purple and green be combined into a visually appealing whole? I say yes.

Illustration Killjoy

5. Killjoy

The idea may seem similar to Carrot, but the approach is darker. We can all be so laser-focused on this perfect and pure concept of joy. But do we do so to avoid the confrontation with nothingness? Is reality the killjoy in your life?

Illustration Sorcerer Gif

6. The Birth of a Sorcerer

The mysterious Salvador is back with an origin story. How did he get his magic powers? His purple skin? His skeletal body? The best stories have blanks that the reader can fill in. What do you think will happen next?

Illustration Rose-Colored Glasses

7. Rose-Colored Glasses

Are you an optimist, or is the grass always greener on the other side? Are you blinded by love, or perhaps by your ego? This is an invitation to challenge how you perceive your world. Are you wearing rose-colored glasses?

Illustration Magician

8. The Magician

The Magician is challenging you to face your fears. It can't promise you happiness, but it can promise you a plethora of new learning experiences and exciting surprises. Are you ready to finally leave your comfort zone?

Illustration Ward

9. Ward

I'm ending this series with a portrait of one of my best friends, Ward. Thank you so much for being such an amazing person over the years.