Series 8: Acceptance

Illustration Ivory

1. Ivory (Denial)

Ivory is about the cost of human success: the animals that are hunted to satisfy our (trivial) needs. Any animal with a unique feature like patterned fur or tusks is a target for poachers. The zebra symbolizes this struggle: a surrender to man. Are we capable of protecting our fellow earthlings against ourselves?

Illustration Metamorphosis

2. Metamorphosis

The forewings of the butterfly are for moving forward, while the hindwings are for maneuver. These wings symbolize the mix of doubt and hope we have as we move forward, step by step, in a world full of uncertainty. Do you also identify yourself with this flawed but still beautiful butterfly?

Illustration Quetzal Gif

A. Quetzal Reimagined

Exactly one year ago I made my favorite animal: the quetzal. After a long time it is now back in my very first animation. From Aztec and Maya mythology to the current day, this amazing bird has found its place in the hearts of many people around the world.

Illustration Pearlilous

3. Pearlilous (Bargaining) (ft. Paulony)

Pearlilous is about the dangers of overworking and stress. Taking on too much work at once will eventually wear you down and bring out "the shark". At that point you can bargain all you want, but what you really need is time to take a step back and take care of yourself.

Illustration Scarecrow

4. Scarecrow (Anger)

Scarecrow is about frustration and anger. What can you do in a situation of powerlessness? When it is time for a confrontation, will you learn from it? Isn't avoiding confrontation with a failure also a failure?

Illustration Imperfection Gif

B. (im)Perfection Reimagined

The younger generations are used to living with tech, shifting to a world both physical and digital. This dependency is both full of potential, and a serious threat when in the wrong hands: manipulation of emotionally vulnerable people has never been so accessible. Will we keep technology on the human side?

Illustration Rock Bottom

5. Rock Bottom (Depression)

You can't bargain yourself out of every situation. When the confrontation is inevitable it may feel like you are at the end of your rope. Both your fight and flight instincts seem to have faded. Like a total surrender to circumstance. This illustration is about the lowest points, the darkest moments in life.

Illustration El Ephant

6. El Ephant (ft. Rodney van Brenkelen)

Besides the trilingual wordplay, this illustration is about the value of cooperation. Because unlike El Ephant, we can't do everything alone. Treating others badly is a destructive attempt to dehumanize them for your own gain. Don't let this toxic mindset take over: alone you go faster, but together you go further.

Illustration Beaverage

C. Beaverage Reimagined

This cute animation is about the return of summer. With summer approaching, it's time to worry less. Why? Because almost always things aren't as bad as you perceive them to be. We worry because the mind can, and will, blow everything out of proportion if you let it. Can we stop worrying about everything we don't know? Can we be more like this chill beaver?

Illustration Dad

7. Dad (Acceptance)

The finale of this series is a portrait of my dad. As my parents taught me, one of the most important life lessons is that change is inevitable; only by accepting what will and has happened can we begin to move on. So don't let persistent ignorance, frustration, (self-)hate or self-pity get in the way of making healthy choices for your life.