Series 9: Wordplay

Illustration Mellowdramatic

1. Mellowdramatic

Mellowdramatic is the starter of this series. The wordplay here is pretty straightforward: "Don't be so (marsh)mellowdramatic...".

Illustration Ballunatic

2. Ballunatic

Ballunatic is an ensemble of the words "Balloon", "Luna" and "Lunatic". This older idea finally got the time to "shine" in this experimental series.

Illustration Appearance

3. Appearance

Only the coolest of pears keep up their appearance... And of course, they have to post their sense of style on various apps too.

Illustration Peacock

4. Peacock

The thing about innuendos is that you shouldn't explain them. Although, the focus the bird is trying to put on its head and tail is interesting...

Illustration Cob

5. Cob

This is one annoyed cob cobhead cop. The cobalt clockarms say it's donut time, but there's no donuts left in the Do's! (Dutch people will understand).

Illustration Venus

6. Venus

Venus in Venus in a Venus flytrap. It doesn't get more Venus than that.

Illustration Oots

7. Oots!

Some coots looking at an animal that hoots in boots as it trips over some roots... Oots!

Illustration Anchorman

8. Anchorman

The ocean's full of plastic, and this litteral anchor (man) can tell you all about it. Why the illustration is upside down? Because the fact that this is happening makes no sense either!

Illustration Wata Bufhalo

9. Wata Bufhalo

Some animals are so spectacular, you just have to breathe deeply and read their name three times. Water buffalo... What a buffalo... What a buff... halo!

Illustration Buck It

10. Buck It

This is the most layered illustration so far, and thus it's the finale of this series. The extinct bluebuck is bucking a bucket (of fat). If it does so, according to a South African story, it will get butchered by the other animals. But this buck thinks "Buck it, I'm bucking the bucket!". Rest in peace...