My Story

I was born in The Netherlands in 1998. During my childhood I loved creating anything that people could enjoy, that they could learn from. My dream was to be able to create any cool idea that I could come up with. To achieve this dream I started to experiment with various media. This led to me making various (video)games, think pieces, quizzes, designs and illustrations. This experimentation led to my collection of over 130 illustrations, which is still growing to this day. These illustrations have been an intrinsic part of my adolescence, and together they form a clear picture of my (creative) development.

Besides my creative endeavors I also love challenging myself. One of my best experiences was to learn a new language: Spanish. As a result of learning Spanish every day for three years I was able to take the opportunities to work at Awwwards Online SL in Valencia, Spain, and to study at Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile.

My Proudest Achievements


  • January: Finished minor in Chile.
  • January: Reached a 1000 day streak on Duolingo.
  • February: Finished 160th illustration.


  • January: Received C2 in English (Erasmus+ OLS)
  • January: Finished internship in Spain with an “Outstanding”.


  • July: Finished semester as a high-school IT teacher.
  • October: Finished development of Countryballs, my biggest videogame.


  • July: Graduated cum laude from preparatory secondary vocational education.


Mathijs has worked extremely hard during his internship and has taken every opportunity to develop his skills, ask questions and get to know the company culture. We are very pleased with his work ethic. He's learnt to let go of his work and keep on going - taking into account feedback. His willingness to learn Spanish was also much appreciated by the team.

Rachel Edwards, mentor at Awwwards Online SL

In recent years I got to know Mathijs as a highly motivated student and an outstanding future media designer. Mathijs is curious, independent and has a great drive to get the best out of himself. He has a critical and investigative attitude, which leads to beautiful and substantiated end products.

Alicia Janssen, lecturer at Fontys Hogeschool ICT

Mathijs is a hard-working, communicative, and competent student who puts in a great amount of effort into his own learning. When taking my class, he consistently went the extra mile in completing his assignments thoroughly and making critical connections between class content and other areas of life. He took the time to assist his fellow students when they were having trouble, as well. For all of this, I referred to him as my unofficial "TA." It is my pleasure to recommend him as a reliable student, teacher, and colleague.

Michelle Kang, professor at Universidad del Desarrollo

My values

Out-of-the-box Thinker

I don’t shy away from experiments. The playful, surprising and disruptive intrigues me.

Forever a Student

Learning never ends. Whether it’s design, world history or language learning: I’m always open to learn more.

Discipline + Passion =

When I have a goal in sight, I go and get it. I am the kind of person that gets a 1000+ day streak in Duolingo.

A Big World

With two successful exchange semesters under my belt I firmly believe in international and intercultural cooperation.


I like to dream big, and I create with a purpose. I think in opportunities, not in limitations.

Challenge Me!

I challenge myself to do what scares me most. Whether that’s a semester as a high school teacher or living on the other side of the world, I am always up for a challenge.