Vasco's Map Runner

About the project

Vasco’s Map Runner was the main project during my fourth semester specialisation “Open Innovation” at Fontys. The prompt was “dream project”: create a product based on a company specific/societal problem or opportunity. This product had to contain both familiar design rubrics and some rubrics from software development.

The opportunity

Based on the rise of and my personal interest in Gamification I decided to create a web-app that helps children learn topography.

The product

Vasco’s Map Runner is a fully realized web-app. The game itself is currently offline, but the prototype can be accessed below.

The concept behind Vasco’s Map Runner is as follows: the player can create a profile that includes a rank and collection. They can play levels where they have to locate up to eight countries per level. Based on speed and accuracy the player receives a star-rating and collectible. The idea is that these aspects promote competition between players and the urge to collect more, making knowing the countries a challenge instead of a chore.

Design prototype