Quetzal bird
Chile 21 Illustrations

October '19 - November '19 (Chile)

Series 11: Chile 21

A series I made in the final part of my exchange. This series consists of illustrations that visualize the most important changes and realizations for me as a 21-year old on an exchange in Chile.

Mementos Illustrations

August '19 - October '19 (Chile)

Series 10: Mementos

A series I made after arriving in Chile. My goal was to visualize every emotion in a personally relevant way. The illustrations serve as "mementos".

Wordplay Illustrations

July '19 - August '19 (The Netherlands & Chile)

Series 9: Wordplay

A playful and experimental series that sacrifices visual detail for a boatload of creative wordplay. Prepare to roll your eyes at some of these!

Memory Game World of Illustrations

June '19 (The Netherlands)

Memory Game

A memory game with my illustrations printed on the cards.

Acceptance Illustrations

March '19 - May '19 (The Netherlands)

Series 8: Acceptance

This series dives into the topic of Acceptance. It is the first series to feature animations and collaborations.

Happiness Illustrations

January '19 - February '19 (Spain & The Netherlands)

Series 7: The Quest for Happiness

This series lets go of the traditional workflow and experiments with different executions. The pieces are more cohesive in themes but have never been as distinct visually. This series is about happiness and letting go.

New World Illustrations

September '18 - November '18 (Spain)

Series 6: A New World!

This series of 12 pieces was finished on November 20th, exactly 1 year since I started. This series is about exploring the world and embracing the past.

Melancholia Illustrations

April '18 - June '18 (The Netherlands)

Series 5: Melancholia

In this series I switched from flat art to digital art. This series is my journey in learning how to truly express my thoughts and ideas visually.

Teacher Cartoon Illustrations

April '18 - June '18 (The Netherlands)

Teacher Cartoons

A series of cartoon versions of teachers at Fontys Hogeschool IT Tilburg.

January '18 - April '18 (The Netherlands)

Series 4: Imagination

A series loaded with flat art. This series is about creativity and the expectations of growing up.

Humble Illustrations

November '17 - January '18 (The Netherlands)

Series 1, 2 and 3: Humble Beginnings

A collection of my older flat art. These pieces are of a smaller scale and were made as experiments and practice.