About the project

These illustrated portraits are commissions from late 2019 and early 2020. These commissions were requested by friends that I met during my exchange semesters. The last two portraits were created earlier. One of them is a self portrait to measure my progress with the skill, while the other was a gift for my dad.

The process

The first part of a portrait is a great reference photo: sharp, a good angle and true to the person. With this reference photo I draw a first version with raw shapes and colors.

The rest of the process is focused on improving and refining this version until it reaches the point where edits no longer improve the portrait. Depending on the portrait this takes 3 to 8 hours. The main factors are the amount of hair, the complexity of the clothes and of course the amount of requested revisions.

Below you can see different steps in the creation of one of the portraits. The first version is the “raw” version, and each following version improves upon different parts.

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